Prince Albert Farmers Market

The Prince Albert Farmer’s Market started Saturday. Lorne, left, and Jennifer Gorsalitz, seen here on Wednesday morning, are new to the market but eager to sell their crafty items, like this window, plants and baking. The market runs Wednesdays in Memorial Square and Saturdays in the City Hall parking area. Herald photo by Karen Longwell

We made the news!!! What a horrible picture of me, but I am excited that The Prince Albert Daily Herald would write a story about the market, using a photo of us. I wish they would have mentioned Lorne more since it is him selling plants and veggies that is the focus for our booth, my wood items being more of a space filler. But it is great none the less.

The market in PA has a variety of venders, there is produce, baking, veggies, bedding plants, craft items, honey, home made soap, bison meat, Watkins, and as the summer quickly approaches more venders are scheduled to start. We meet Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am to 1pm now until Oct. We are by city hall in downtown PA.

It is a fun market, the vender’s have a great time and it is a nice way to spend a morning. The kids have even gotten in on the fun of selling. My girl has some rhubarb for sale and will have eggs later in the summer and my boy has some goodies like fudge and candy – kabobs. They can even sit and do some of their home school while we are there.

If you are ever in Prince Albert you must come check us out!!!!

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Are you a loner or one of the crowd??

As I was walking the other day I passed a row of trees. I thought how nice it must be to grow so closely together. It is pretty windy in Saskatchewan and being together in a group would help you withstand that wind, but would you be exposed to enough sun and space to grow to your full potential? Then I walked past this lonely tree. It is not part of the group, the wind blows through it and it loses branches along the way. Is it stronger? Will it grow bigger in spite of its afflictions?

I wonder if it is the same for people? Will you be a weaker person when you are alone if you have been in a close knit group? Are you stronger if you are a loner? Or are your wounds to deep?

I reflect on this as I walk. Wondering what will happen as my children grow and will leave the nest, will they choose to be part of the group, or will they venture out on their own, making their own path. Which will be better for them? Perhaps there is no answer, there is good and bad with either. But as a mother you always hope they never feel alone.

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Week 6-Farm Girl Blog A Thon/ My furry and feathered friends…

Wow this blogathon is almost over. I sure had fun participating in it. I would have posted earlier this week but until yesterday I only had 2 furry friends on my farm. Now we have 125 feathered friends. Wow, this is an exciting time for us, we have never had chickens before, they sure are some kind of cute.

Our two dogs are Bandit and Robber. Bandit is my son’s dog that he got from the SPCA when my son was 8 (he’s 15 now). He is very obedient and would do anything for a treat. He had been abused before he came to us so he is a little wary of men and small children stress him out so he tries to avoid them if they come around. But if he can’t avoid them, he just tries to ender the torment.

Robber is my daughter’s dog, and we picked him up at a farmers market. Earlier that day my husband had said if we had another dog we could name him Robber, little did he know what he was setting himself up for. Willow had been wanting a puppy for a while and free was a good price. Now I wouldn’t go as far as to saw he is a stupid dog, but lets just say he is not motivated. He is very much a patient, loving, take me as I am because nothing you can do will make me change kind of dog. He loves everyone equally and doesn’t take it personally if you want to stick your fingers up his nose or in his eye balls, he is the kind of dog you could lay on top of and he wouldn’t mind at all.

Both dogs are great hunters, and they love to catch mice. They have also got a squirrel, a muscrat and a couple birds since we moved here. I was a little worried about the chicks but they seem to know that they belong to us and so they are good so far.

Now to the chickies. Wow they are sweet. We brought them home at around 3 pm and by 6pm we almost had our first fatality. I went in to check on them and saw a little one all wet lying on its side not moving. In fact I had picked it up and was going to throw it in the burn barrel when my son walked past and asked me what I was doing, I opened my hand to show him the chick and its beak moved. So we took her inside and wrapped her up, and rubbed at her for a couple of hours and she went from being virtually unresponsive to chirping her head off. When she finally went to stand up her one leg was not working, and she kept falling over. I was worried that we had brought her back to life only to have to kill her. But little by little she get better at her movements and all of a sudden she jumped right out of the box we had her in , so I took her out and put her in with the rest of the chicks. She is good as new. So thankfully we still have 125 chickie babies!

I feel like a mother hen though. I could hardly sleep because I was dreaming that the coop caught fire, then that they froze, then that the heat lamps were to hot and the cooked. I got up this morning and looked out and I couldn’t see the light on in the coop so I rushed out to see, but it was on, it was just to hard to see because it was daylight. I don’t know if I can handle the stress!! Worrying about my kids is hard enough now I feel like I have 125 more children to keep safe.

Do I ever feel like a farmer now!!!!

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Its been a busy day

Well I have used a few of the items I picked up at the dump the other day! I made this. I just white washed the window a bit and screwed in a plant box and added a barn star. This is a window screen that I got already painted green It was a little to bright for me so I sanded it off a bit and sealed it then I stenciled “My Secret Garden” on it and nailed on a lady bug. It is still a little bright for me but I am sure someone at the farmers market will like it. Next I made a couple of birdhouse stakes. I didn’t get the posts from the dump, I got them from a salvage place for $2.00 a long time ago and just hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with them until now. I also have most of the chair towel holder done but the paint is drying still and I need to switch gears and get my lesson ready for church tomorrow. I am happy with the results of things, and best of all the weather has been beautiful, so working outside was lovely.

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I think this is my favorite week yet!!! I love to make crafts. I love to try new things and get my hands dirty. I have always enjoyed making things but it has just been the last couple of years that I have been making primitive country crafts. My house before was sort of a mish mash of homemade things without a real theme to it, I was looking for something that felt like me and I hadn’t really found it until I picked up a copy of a Country Sampler magazine, I was instantly sure that this was what I wanted my home to look like. The problem was that “primitives” were not really very popular in my area and no one was selling them. My friend and I had always been pretty crafty so we decided to just study the photos and see if we could reproduce the items for ourselves. We did it! Not only were we happy with the result but our friends started asking for things and we ended up doing craft shows and farmers markets. We love signs, they are quick and easy, but I also love the windows that my friend has quilted for me (sorry no photos), and I love to punch needle and stitch pillows. In this photo the pillows are sitting on a refurbished filing cabinet. Since I home school my kids needed a place to store their school work but I didn’t like having an ugly filing cabinet in my living room so I covered it in fabric. It is one of my favorite projects. Another favorite is this shelf that I picked up at a church sale for $2.00 the center of it had a drying rack in it that I pulled out and put a quilted piece in it. Then I made this quilt block to match and I made a chalk board with the same colors as well, they are all in my entry way. As much as I love making things I don’t want my house to be filled with my things I want to fill it with other peoples items but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of money to do it. I am lucky to have some really crafty friends who give me amazing presents as well as over at    I participate in swaps so I have things from all over the world made by wonderfully talented women. My love for primitives fits in wonderfully with farm life, being close to your roots, using what you have, and making your house a home.

Thanks so much Tina for letting me participate in this blogathon, I have learned so much about myself through this experience, and I have really enjoyed reading about other womens experiences on the farm.

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I am really enjoying this blogathon that I learned about over at Tina’s blog ( ). I am a little late with this one though because I was away from home visiting friends. The theme “In the Garden” is a fun one for me. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada where we had snow last week so as much as I would love to show you many photos of my garden, this is the only thing I have that has popped up. Can you guess what it is?

Being married to a gardener is great, if I ever want to know about a plant, he usually can help, or at least knows where to look for the info. I love to can and so I can’t wait to see what grows the best each year, and I love to try new things. This year we are going to grow colorful swiss chard, and we are going to try eggplant and watermelon. We are in a pretty cold Zone and the growing season isn’t as long as I would like so it will be interesting to see what happens. This is also our first year here so we aren’t sure how the soil will be, we do know that thistles grow REALLY well though.

It is important to both my husband and I to be as self reliant as possible so having a very big garden in a priority. Thankfully our parents always had a garden so we grew up knowing that when spring came, it was one of the things you do. I have to admit I do not find gardening relaxing like a lot of other people. I enjoy harvest, and the flowers are pretty, but weeds drive me crazy!!! Our goal this year is to be very diligent this year in our weeding before they get to crazy and we are going to put straw between the rows.

I have started planting a few things inside and it feels like Christmas when I look in a pot and see something has popped up. Gardens make me glad!!

***(the plant growing is rhubarb)****

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My lucky day!!!!

Look what I got! 14 windows and 4 chairs!!I love the man at the dump. I stopped to ask him if I could take the brown chair and he said yes, did you see all the windows I saved for you too? This isn’t even half of the windows he had but I didn’t have enough room for it all so I have to go back for the rest another day. I want to make this and this and this and this and the one chair is an old rocker that is missing only one spindle but is in great shape otherwise. I am so lucky!!! I cant wait to make my trash into treasure. Check out Margo at and you will see more of her amazing creations

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Week 3/ Domestic Bliss/In The Kitchen (Farm Girl Blog-A-Thon)

When we moved to our farm last July the house was a mess. The kitchen had a crazy wall paper border in the middle of the wall. I thought I would just take it off and repaint the whole thing, then I found out why the border was there!!! They had only finished the top half of the walls, the bottom half they didn’t cover up the nails with drywall mud or anything, it was a big mess. So I fixed it and then put bead board all around it and added a chair rail and painted it a greyish green color. The kitchen cupboards were pretty ugly but I was working with 0 budget so I stripped the paint, repainted it, sanded and stained them to give them a prim feeling. Then I looked through my things to see what I could decorate it with and decided to put up my stars. My husband commented how he had always thought we had a 5 star kitchen , I guess it is a little better than that now.

My favorite recipe may not feel very country (unless you are from India) but it is a wonderful comfort food, it leaves you feeling warm inside and I love it because it is easy, cheap and best of all my whole family will eat it. (After I make modifications of course)


1 can coconut milk

1can stewed tomatoes

2 cans drained, rinsed chick peas

1 small chopped onion

2 T oil

1 T curry powder (I like it spicier so I add 2 T)

fry onions with the oil and curry until soft, add all other ingredients, bring to a boil then simmer for as long as it takes for a pot of rice to cook. serve over rice. Note: My husband and son are not big fans of chick peas but love the sauce so I throw a couple of chicken breasts in with it. It may need to cook a bit longer for that. ENJOY!!!

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The Birds!!!!!!!!!

Holy crow! Or I guess I should say geese! Last night we were in the house when all of a sudden you couldn’t hear the tv or even yourself talk hardly, the noise outside was so loud. We went out to see what was going on and there were thousands of snow geese flying over our heads and then landing in the field behind us. It was crazy, and beautiful all at the same time. I have never seen anything like it before. I thought I would share some of the wonder with you…..jenn

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Does Size Matter??

My husbands greenhouse ; He is doing a market garden so it is already full of hundreds of flowers, onions, herbs, lettuce and peppers.

My greenhouse : I think I have about 5 different flowers started in there. I don’t really need a greenhouse but my mom gave it to us last year, so I thought it would be fun to plant a few things in it.

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